Supported by more than a century of research on employee motivation and performance, the RESPECT™ Model is rooted in the premise that relationships – both personal and professional – only work within the context of a respectful environment. The RESPECT™ Model is not a program; rather, it is an actionable philosophy that impacts the culture of an organization and leads to meaningful and enduring change at both the individual and organizational level. Respect leads to high levels of employee and customer engagement, and provides organizations with a competitive advantage.

RESPECT™ Model: Leader 

Great leaders create compelling visions and inspire other to give high levels of discretionary effort to support that vision. Powerful leaders are powerful because they invoke strong followership. The single most important factor in a leader’s ability to engage others is the extent to he/she treats followers with RESPECT. Followers who do not feel respected will rarely give more than the minimum necessary effort to meet expectations and collect their paycheck. No leader ever accomplished great things without the support of loyal and dedicated followers – and you only get such support when you treat others with RESPECT!

Great leaders are made – not born. Regardless of your current level of leadership effectiveness, you can enhance your ability to inspire and influence others to willingly follow your lead. Whiteboard’s Leader RESPECT Model provides you with the specific behaviors that will dramatically impact your ability to engage others. Contact us today to learn more about our Leader RESPECT Model 360° Assessment and Executive Coaching Program. Become the leader who others want to follow!

RECOGNITION: Recognizes, acknowledges and shows appreciation for others’ efforts and contributions

  • Regularly takes the time to let others know that their work is appreciated
  • Makes sure that others get the credit they deserve
  • Recognizes and rewards others based on their job performance
  • Frequently gives “pats on the back” for a job well done

EMPOWERMENT: Provides others with the tools, training, resources, opportunities and information to be successful

  • Provides information and direction to help others be successful
  • Actively promotes development opportunities for others
  • Encourages initiative and independence in others
  • Makes sure others have the tools, resources and skills to succeed

SUPPORTIVE FEEDBACK: Delivers regular, constructive performance feedback in a positive and supportive manner

  • Regularly provides performance feedback to others
  • Takes time to coach and mentor others
  • Gives straightforward, sincere and honest feedback
  • Delivers corrective feedback in a constructive, helpful and positive manner

PARTNERING: Fosters collaborative working relationships at the individual, team and organizational level

  • Promotes teamwork
  • Actively reaches out to collaborate with others
  • Encourages cross-departmental cooperation
  • Negotiates and compromises with others

EXPECTATIONS: Sets clear expectations and holds people accountable

  • Holds others accountable for achieving goals and objectives
  • Provides clear and consistent direction regarding work priorities
  • Sets reasonable standards and expectations for others
  • Clearly communicates goals and objectives

CONSIDERATION: Shows thoughtfulness and consideration toward others

  • Considers impact on others before making decisions
  • Considerate and thoughtful of others
  • Actively seeks out and listens to others’ ideas and concerns
  • Follows-up with others in a timely manner

TRUST: Demonstrates and engenders trust in others

  • Trusts others to make good decisions
  • Can be trusted to deal discretely with sensitive information
  • Deals with people directly instead of talking behind their backs
  • Keeps promises and commitments

RESPECT: Demonstrates respect for others

  • Respects others’ opinions
  • Treats others with respect and dignity
  • Treats others fairly and honestly
  • Shows respect for others’ skills, abilities and knowledge