Customer Service

RESPECT™ Model: Customer Service

An organization’s success depends largely on its ability to deliver great customer service. In a world where options for nearly every service and product abound, the difference between retaining and recruiting new customers depends more on the differentiation of customer service than in the actual product or service. Whether it is our local dry cleaner, restaurant, fitness facility, internet or cell phone provider, the quality of service we receive strongly influences our future purchasing decisions.

The basis for great customer service is RESPECT. If customers do not feel respected, they will go elsewhere. Whiteboard’s Customer Service RESPECT Model details exactly the behaviors that will not only lead to high customer retention but will actually turn your existing customers into your best sales and marketing people. Friends tell friends about great customer service experience – and friends not only listen, they act. If you want to create an environment that will lead to new customers walking in your doors everyday, schedule a Whiteboard Customer Service RESPECT workshop today.

For more information on the Customer Service RESPECT Model download the brochure.