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Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work

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Reward and recognition programs can be costly and inefficient, and they primarily reward employees who are already highly engaged and productive performers. Worse still, these programs actually decrease employee motivation because they can make individual recognition, rather than the overall success of the team, the goal. Yet many businesses turn to these measures first—unaware of a better alternative. So, when it comes to changing your organizational culture, carrots and sticks don’t work!

What does work is Dr. Paul Marciano’s acclaimed RESPECT Model, which gives you specific, low-cost, turnkey solutions and action plans– based on seven key drivers of employee engagement that are proven and supported by decades of research and practice—that will empower you to assess, troubleshoot, and resolve engagement issues in the workplace.

Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work delivers the same proven resources and techniques that have enabled human resource professionals, supervisors, managers, and leaders at organizations ranging from branches of the United States government to Fortune 500 corporations to small family owned businesses  to realize demonstrable gains in employee productivity and job satisfaction. Buy this book, implement its teachings, and maximize the ROI of your organization’s most powerful resource: its people!