“Carrots & Sticks Don’t Work is a great blend of a strong academic framework and a pragmatic guide for building powerful, engaged organizations. The insight in to why traditional forms of reward and punishment are so appealing yet so ineffective in achieving sustained performance improvement becomes glaringly obvious.

Perhaps what’s most appealing about the RESPECT model presented in this book is the fact that it doesn’t represent a massive, wholesale re-engineering of the effort one may have put into traditional reward and punishment systems in the workplace.  Instead, it presents a very thoughtful and compelling understanding what behaviors they truly motivate vs. the outcomes we all strive to achieve as leaders. The result is a pragmatic redirection of our efforts into a framework and a set of activities that are much better targeted to achieving the sustained results we all seek in inspiring our workforce for higher levels of performance.

In an era where the turmoil of rapid and continuous change to meet every increasing and demanding business needs leaves us increasingly challenged for ways to help our workforce achieve and sustain the high levels of performance.  This book represents a fresh and clear approach to break through performance. The clarity with which the material is presented and simple power of the RESPECT model has me anxious to run out and buy this book for my entire leadership team.  The approach and lessons from this book will be an integral part of our leadership philosophy and approach for years to come.”

—William F. Hills, VP, Application Development, Navy Federal Credit Union

“Engaging employees seems easy, but it’s not simple. Learn what it takes to build RESPECT in your organization with Paul Marciano’s Carrot and Sticks Don’t Work”

—Marshall Goldsmith, author of Mojo and What Got You Here Wont’ Get You There

Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work is a profound book about the power of respect. In today’s world, where ethics and consideration are at an all-time low, Dr. Marciano has written a testament to what we all need to remember: personal responsibility that earns respect.”

—Jane Boucher, author of How to Love the Job You Hate


“Dr. Marciano’s new book is loaded with compelling and relevant case studies, which will inspire current and future leaders with new insight and a road map for getting teams to make things happen!”

—Tony Hurst, Manager Service Operations, Honeywell International

“Dr. Marciano goes right to the heart of true leadership. Many leaders can get short-term results through the traditional model of rewards and punishment. But true sustainable impact and results come from building respect.”

—Garrett Ingram, AVP Managed Markets Strategy, Novo Nordisk Inc.

“Outstanding! An excellent guide to help both managers and individual contributors understand what employee engagement is and why having it is critical for individuals and organizations to thrive.”

—Michael Stallard, author of Fired Up or Burned Out

“In my thirty-plus years in HR, I had not read an HR book before that I would have said was a ‘must have’ textbook for any line manager . . . but this is one!”

—Clinton Wingrove, EVP and Principal Consultant, Pilat HR Solutions

“I wish this book had been written twenty years earlier. It would have saved me a lot of mistakes.”

—Mark Straley, President, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Johnson & Johnson

Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work brings a clear understanding to leadership by providing very useful methods that will enable managers of people to connect with today’s evolutionary workforce. As someone who has managed people for over thirty years and uses engagement surveys in determining employee satisfaction, I can affirm that Dr. Marciano’s book is a wonderful primer for all who lead people in today’s world.”

—Diane Piraino-Koury, Owner/Operator, McDonald’s Restaurant

“I plan on having all members of my management organization read Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work. The RESPECT Model is an easy-to-use process with many examples. I personally plan on using it both inside and outside of work!”

—Jack Lally, Senior Manager, FedEx

“This book is a concise blueprint for creating a positive, cohesive workforce.”

—A. Michael Hopp, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Mannington Mills, Inc.

“Finally, a book that conveys the key to employee motivation in our contemporary workplace. The RESPECT Model explicitly shows that when people are treated with respect they engage and work harder to achieve the goals of the organization.”

—Arnold Endick, Workplace Environmental Analyst, U.S. Postal Service, Retired

“Dr. Marciano encourages us to look at today’s challenging reality through a new lens, and we emerge renewed and refreshed.”

—Eva G. Carmichael, Internal Consultant, Superior Court of New Jersey

Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work is a practical guide and reminder of how we should all behave in both our professional and personal lives. I think it’s a must read and one that will become a reference for anyone that is interested in becoming a leader, becoming a better leader, or knowing what to look for in a good leader.”

—Dave Hickey, CEO, Lumeta Corporation

“I was barely past the R in RESPECT and couldn’t wait to get back to the office to try out the suggestions laid out in this book. A must read for any manager or business owner who has ever wrestled with employee productivity issues.”

—Michael Caldwell, Co-Founder/CEO,, Inc.

“Dr. Marciano gives great advice about what works—and what doesn’t—to get maximum employee engagement and discretionary effort.”

—Christopher Rice, President and CEO, Blessing White, Inc.

Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work is an easy read and an even easier application that builds respect and dignity into everyday work life.”

—Ron Golumbeck, Vice President and Director of Human Resources, ITT Industrial Process

“This book is a worthwhile read for organizations large and small, executives, middle managers, supervisors, and human resource professionals. Dr. Marciano’s commonsense approach is appealing in today’s economy where nothing is more important than to harness the loyalty, discretionary effort, and commitment of the workforce through respect.”

—Catharine Newberry, former Chief Human Strategy Officer, The Medicines Company

“This is a relevant and useful book for personnel management in organizations of all sizes. The RESPECT Model is a friendly and flexible tool for building a better working environment for employees and supervisors and getting results for the organization.”

—Jose S. Azcona, President, Alianza Inmobiliaria

Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work is a diamond in the rough of leadership books. Dr. Marciano not only transforms the way we think about employee engagement, but his research and insights argue for a new dawn of business where respect should live at the forefront of all of our value statements.”

—Daniel Rehal, President, Vision2Voice, Inc.

“In Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work, Dr. Marciano combines his real-life leadership and consulting experience with an extensive background in teaching and research to help employers create and sustain a productive workforce in the twenty-first century.”

—Carl Sorensen, Associate VP Human Resources, University of Richmond

“The RESPECT Model created by Dr. Marciano is the best human resource program I have ever encountered. It’s a step-by-step approach in creating an engaged employee. Engaged employees are an asset to every employer and organization.”

—Carl Resnick, owner, Flemington Department Store

“Drawing from decades of research as well as personal and clinical experience, Dr. Marciano explains how to avoid common managerial mistakes that actually undermine employee motivation. Every manager should read this highly insightful and engaging book.”

—Nicole Tuchinda, M.D., J.D., Associate, Ropes & Gray, LLP

“I work as a Master Executive Coach in Greece and I want to share that the RESPECT Model transcends culture – everyone wants respect. The book “Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work” covers both theory and practice. Based on extensive research Dr. Marciano convincingly articulates why traditional reward and recognition programs are not only ineffective, but why they actually decrease the overall morale and productivity of an organization. There is something in this book for everyone. If you hope to get the most out of your people, read this book.”

—Yiannis Koutsoumaris, Managing Partner, Inwards

“Employee engagement is the goal of every company. This book gives you a detailed roadmap on how to get there. I had read The “Carrot Principle” book and was ready to buy 15 books for my team when I stumbled across: Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work.” The first book in my opinion was trinket based, and offered a quick short term benefit. Paul’s book, “Building a Culture of Employee Engagement through the Principles of RESPECT” hit home with me. My team of 15 managers are excited about implementing the principles of Paul’s book. A must read for every manager!”

—Steve Gale, President, Apex Logistics LLC